Milestones as of Year 2000
TAAG has been formally granted 501(c) 3 Federal Tax exempt status since November 2000
In the late April 2001, TAAG accepted celebration invitation from Tsinghua University on her 90th anniversary, and sent a representative to Beijing

In the late April 2001, TAAG celebrated Tsinghua university¡¯s 90th anniversary locally, and invited Chinese women¡¯s soccer star Ms Wen SUN to join us. Along with the celebration activities, TAAG organized three local- and nationally-covered news-paper publishers to publish Tsinghua university related articles/events/reports continuously for 6 weeks.

TAAG formally registered to the State of Georgia as "Tsinghua Alumni Association of Georgia, Inc." in November 3, 2000 after her 5-year life expectance with many social contributions

In the late December 2000, TAAG sent a 4-people expertise-group to join US High-Tech delegation to visit People¡¯s Republic of China supporting her West-Exploration project

In the early October 2000, TAAG held a whopping party for the national day and Silver-Moon festival locally

In the mid-September 2000, TAAG held a movie-show to welcome newly arrived Chinese students

September 2000, Professor Minwen LIU visited TAAG in Atlanta representing the General Secretary of Tsinghua Alumni Association from Beijing

July 2000, TAAG set up a donation program to help new students

TAAG has renovated her web site since September 2000

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